Can I Fail the Adoption Homestudy?

You have decided to adopt and now face the adoption homestudy. You are nervous about the meeting and wonder if you could “fail” the homestudy. Not sure what they will ask, you are anxious about giving the wrong answer or not knowing an answer.

In fact, the adoption homestudy contains mostly biographical information. In other words, you already know the answers. You will discuss where you grew up, daily life in your family, things you did together, your education and work history, hobbies and interests, etc. If there is more than one household member, the relationship will be explored. You will provide information on your finances, home and community, and be asked for references.

You will be asked about any history of medical or psychiatric illness or counseling. Having been in therapy or receiving psychiatric medication does not prevent you from adopting. Counseling shows your willingness and ability to seek help, when needed. Medication will be assessed as it affects your daily functioning and stability. You will be asked for a letter from the treating therapist or prescribing physician.


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